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Why + How


We provide holistic solutions that bring significant value to each customer. Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities to more accurately and efficiently design and produce manufactured components and personalized products.

Image by Isis França

Why Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing (AM) produces geometrically complex objects, shapes and textures optimizing the use of material and opens up more diverse possibilities than traditional manufacturing. The use of high quality materials puts this approach in a higher overall quality tier that meets the most stringent quality and safety requirements of the industries we serve.

With additive manufacturing, we’re able to ACCELerate the design and production process while reducing the upfront capital investment required for production. Our approach eliminates the need for significant capital investment in tooling. Our equipment consistently produces parts to exact specifications, with tolerances that do not vary over time. Additionally, we prioritize the use of recycled materials, resulting in virtually no waste.

Complex designs and assembly can be simplified, saving time and labor in the manufacturing process. The design-to-print approach bypasses the need for a significant capital investment in tooling. The precision of the print process adheres consistently to the specifications and the smallest tolerances, something that casting and molding cannot do with repeated use over time. There’s also little to no wasted material, contributing to more sustainable manufacturing practices.

For engineers and artisan professionals, we save time and resources in the product development process. Your design can be immediately constructed without modeling or the time and expense of creating tooling. With additive manufacturing, you get immediate results that are repeatable to exact specifications. and travel to the leading edge of innovation.

  • Digitize existing parts or components that are no longer mass produced

  • Develop designs that simplify assembly and reduce labor

  • Produce products without expensive tooling and large amounts of material waste

  • Re-engineer products to gain efficiencies in manufacturing, assembly,  shipping or distribution


The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

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Equipment + Materials

Accel Digital Solutions shares a close partnership with HP for 3D Print equipment and materials. Their multi-jet fusion equipment produces the fastest 3D printing. The materials we use are primarily recycled, limiting needless waste in the production process.

Multi Jet Fusion

We use the latest Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) commercial 3D printing equipment from HP. ​ MJF offers the most robust capabilities in terms of accuracy, speed and ability to scale designs accurately.

Multi Jet Fusion Materials

  • PA 12

  • PA 12S (NEW!), enabled by Arkema

  • TPU

  • TPA


ADS is the first North American additive manufacturer to test HP’s latest polymer materials in production across North, Central, and South America, the PA 12S material provides a smooth finish for components that are coated or finished, reducing finishing preparation time and cost compared to the standard material.

Bambu Labs 3D Printer
In addition to MJF, we have the ability to use unique materials including a spectrum of colors to create a wide variety of components and products. It offers personalization to apply branding and messaging. 

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