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Play the future

Accel Digital Sports, a division of Accel Digital Solutions, is proud to present the first ever 3D printed pickleball, a product that is sure to revolutionize the game as we know it today. 

The product was engineered for high performance, along with built in features that make it the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor play, especially in quiet play zones. 

Why Pickleball

The Problem

Recognizing the growing popularity of the sport, along with the inherent challenges with many pickleball products on the market today, the primary pain points are:

  • Over time and with frequent use, the standard rigid design can become brittle, break in half, or become warped compromising the length of use and accuracy for play

  • The material used in most products creates too much noise for use in densely populated areas, or indoors where sound is trapped

  • Multiple ball designs have been created for either indoor or outdoor use, but very few if any solutions that allow both

  • Most existing balls work better for warmer climates than colder climates where the balls do not perform as well or last as long


Being experts in additive manufacturing, we saw an opportunity to design the first 3D printed pickleball for the sporting industry. We led the ideation and consulted with HP®, a leading global provider of additive manufacturing equipment, to co-invent this patent-pending product.

The Solution


A high-performance design along with the use of additive manufacturing capabilities brings the future to life. This industry-leading innovation solves the key challenges pickleball players face today, and builds in some extra perks.



The first pickleball engineered with cutting-edge 3D printing technology and a patent-pending design.



Unique design creates unrivaled control and accuracy on any surface.



Innovative construction produces a soft click upon contact, for quieter games anywhere.



Built to withstand frequent use and longer play time.



Crafted from recycled materials to minimize environmental impact.

What the professionals think


Our ball has undergone testing and is approved for tournament use by the USAP. 

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Pickleball Sound Mitigation

In the spring, 2024, a study of leading pickleball brands was conducted by Robert Unetich. The results showed that our pickleball was more than 
10 db quieter than any other tournament-approved balls.

- Buy Now -

We have made it easy to purchase this leading-edge product and start playing the future today.


Email today to place your order.

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